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Vermont Gas Retrofit Program

Valid: 12-31-2010

Amount: $100.00 to $600.00


The Retrofit Program is designed to help customers with larger than average gas usage find ways to improve the efficiency of their homes. Vermont Gas customers whose home has used at least 0.6 Ccf per square foot of natural gas over the past year are eligible. For example,  a 2,000 square foot home that consumes more than 1,200 Ccf per year qualifyfor this program, as are multi-family buildings where the total building usage is at least 0.6 Ccf per square foot of natural gas. If you don't own your home, Vermont Gas must receive direct authorization from the landlord to qualify for an energy audit. Vermont Gas provides financial incentives to encourage qualifying customers to install cost effective energy conservation measures.

A Free energy audit is performed on each participating building to identify potential energy saving measures. The auditor looks at existing insulation levels, evaluates building air-tightness, and tests the heating system efficiency. Potential improvements are modeled using a computer audit tool to determine the cost effectiveness of improvements and to estimate the savings that may result. Building owners are then provided with a written report summarizing the audit results and detailing the incentives available. The report also includes a list of contractors and the specifications needed for contractor bidding. Customers have the choice of obtaining competitive bids, or having VGS assign a pre-screened contractor to do the work.

Typically Vermont Gas will rebate 33 1/3% of the installed cost of the recommended measures and provide a reduced interest loan through a local Credit Union for the balance. Currently, customers are offered loans at 0% interest for up to 3 years, 2% interest for up to 5 years, or 4% interest for up to 7 years.