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Plumbing Installation | Bathroom & Kitchen

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Stan the Plumber and his Plumb Perfect Team preform installations in bathrooms and kitchens:

  • Fixutres (Showers, Tubs)
  • Toilets (Low-flow and Variable Flush)
  • Faucets

Plumb Perfect Installations

Stan the Plumber and his Plumb Perfect team are experts when it comes to plumbing installations and retrofitting in Chittenden County homes. Stan and his team can install showers, hand showers, tubs, walk-ins, sink basins, faucets and toilets. Stan's Plumb Perfect Team can even take care of your tiling and sealing!

Stan the Plumber is an expert when it comes to Plumbing Installations

Let the Plumb Perfect team update your bathroom faucet or switch to a low-flow toilet. The possibilities are endless, if it goes in a bathroom or kitchen Stan and his team can install or replace it for you! Give Stan a call today!

Need ADA Compliant Shower & Bathroom Design?

View Our Selection of ADA Showers

Different jet types offer more showering pleasure

Rain is just rain? Think again!

Hansgrohe Showers offer an unparralelled comfort.

All over the world, Hansgrohe has become synonymous with the name Raindance. Those with a sensual rain shower like this in the bathroom can shower with different jet types and enjoy noticeable variations in their showering experience. The new Raindance Select handshowers, for example, pamper the body with three jet types:

  1. RainAir – relaxing rain shower. The water beads as it rolls out of the shower head as each droplet is enriched with air. This pampering effect is felt like a soft summer rain shower on the skin.
  2. Rain – powerful rain spray. Gives that invigorating burst of freshness and is ideal for washing out shampoo. Anyone with long hair knows just how uncomfortable a thin stream of water is when washing your hair.
  3. Whirl – gushing massage spray. Relieves tension in the neck and shoulders. The rotating helix spray wanders over the skin just like a masseur’s fingers. Particularly relaxing following a work-out

Bathroom faucets in your own personal style

Find your own bathroom style

Hansgrohe Showers offer an unparralelled comfort.

Avantgarde? Modern? Classic? Be inspired! Helping you develop your own good taste, creating an environment that lets your own personality shine through and transforming your bathroom into a feel-good room, whether as part of bathroom renovations or a completely new bathroom architecture.

  1. Avantgarde – Lightness in white and chrome
    You have a penchant for design and intuitive functionality. You like your bathroom to be fresh, pure, sensual and clear.
  2. Modern – The attraction of great comfort
    There is no place for clutter in your bathroom. You appreciate things that speak a clear language and contribute to a noticeable increase in comfort.
  3. Classic – Classic shapes with a modern interpretation
    You like surrounding yourself with beautiful things. You value aesthetics and a warm feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom.

Kitchen Faucets

Do you like using the best ingredients? Then start with your kitchen faucets.

Hansgrohe Showers offer an unparralelled comfort.

From kitchen gourmets to home cooks – Hansgrohe kitchen faucets provide enjoyment to everyone. After all, this is where quality, design and expertise come together – no matter who turns the kitchen sink faucet on. Let yourself be inspired by the intelligent multi-functionality – from hand sprays to pivoting areas of up to 360°.

  • High-quality materials and sturdy production “made by Hansgrohe” – for a long service lifetime even under heavy use
  • Award-winning design for more sensuality in your kitchen
  • Extraordinary surface finishes – such as our durable and elegant Steel Optic finish
  • Ergonomic comfort – pleasing to the hand and eye, and suitable for all age groups
  • Individually positioned handles – separating the control unit from the spout
  • Magnetic holder – MagFit fixes the handspray securely in place on the spout.