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We carry Lancaster Water Treatment Products

Lancaster Water Treatment

In today's world, preserving our environment is becoming more and more important. Reducing our environmental footprint has become a priority to many people in almost all industries. The building and water industries are no different.

Tired of water marks? Get a Water Treatment system today!

Water conservation, energy efficiency, and materials selection are three important factors when evaluating the environmental footprint of a building or a home. At Lancaster Water Treatment, they take this responsibility seriously. Their products are engineered and designed to be environmentally friendly and we always keep our sights set on green applications.

Lancaster Water Treatment

Stan the Plumber and his Plumb Perfect team carry Lancaster water treatment products designed to keep your home's water clean, healthy, and refreshing.

Do stains build up in your sink? Consider a water treatment system.

Is your shower head clogged? Get a treatmeant system and enjoy softer water!

Nothing is more important than your family's health and comfort. At Lancaster Water Treatment, we help remove impurities such as excessive minerals, metals, bacteria and toxic substances from your daily water supply.

X–Factor Water Softeners

Lancaster X Factor Water Treatmeant System
  • The electronic control valve with demand initiated or time clock initiated regeneration allows the dealer to precisely predict the use and installation of the proper system to achieve the desired results for the homeowner
  • In addition to softening hard water, Ironsoft removes iron in both clear water and red water conditions
  • Available in the space–saving cabinet model or the two–tank model
  • Multiple applications in capacity from 24,000 to 64,000 grains assuring system will be sized to meet the water treatment needs of the household
  • An authorized water treatment dealer who understands your application and installation requirements
  • Family members will all experience improvements of treated water after installation

LES Series Water Softeners

Lancaster Legacy Series Water Treatmeant System
  • Programmable to use less salt
  • Demand Regeneration – regenerates only when capacity is completely depleted
  • Water Saver Units – regeneration programming uses as little as 30 gallons to regenerate