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Bathroom and Kitchen Work

Plumb Perfect specializes in the installation and service of the best plumbing accessories available in Colchester, VT. Examples of these systems include:

  • Backflow preventers
  • Ejector pumps
  • Grey water systems
  • Garbage disposals
  • Hose bibs and outside faucets
  • Hot water dispensers
  • Hot water re-circulation systems
  • Point of use water filters
  • Pressure regulators
  • Rain water collection systems
If you need plumbing accessories in Colchester, VT for your home or business call Plumb Perfect today.

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Cut Ceiling Open In Living Room. Cartridge Leaking, Changed Out. Reset Toilet Upstairs.
Joe, M. Colchester, VT
Customer Called About Water Leaking From The Ceiling. Upon Inspection, We Found That The Upstairs Bathtub's Drain Pipe Had Burst And Begun Leaking. The Piping Was Replaced And The Problem Was Fixed.
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
"My experience with Plumb Perfect was exceptional. As someone who is clueless about plumbing, was very worried and totally lost when I noticed water pooling up in my ceiling. When I called Stan, he didn't just set up an appointment for service, but he talked me through the problem, made sure I had checked the right spots and took the preventative measured I needed to before he arrived. He showed up promptly, addressed the problem with the knowledge of someone who was clearly very experienced, and fixed the problem quickly. He then proceeded to give me some advice that has certainly made me more knowledgable about my own home. Stan is a great plumber, genuinely helpful guy, and I would recommend Plumb Perfect to anyone. "

Douglas, B. Colchester, VT
American Standard Plumbing bath general

American Standard Plumbing bath general